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Welcome to the Foxlab Store ,Your one stop destination for everything that a maker desired to possess that includes Robotics, IoT, Electronics, Mechanical, DIY, Hobby, RC & Engineering products and much more. We are dedicated to provide you the best of its kind Robotics,IoT,Electronics,Mechanical,DIY, Hobby, RC & Engineering products by ensuring the uniqueness, service quality & experience and of course we value your smile on the face after the best catch from our website.

Foxlab Store has come from a challenging beginning which help us to get moulded in such way that, we have a basic set of values which strived us to provide quality and timely service.We have struggled our way down to reach here, So we know what you need and how you need it.So our focus is to revive and replenish the ecosystem or many people’s dreams by providing trustworthy quality products, with bounded time period and constrained price tag, We can hear what you feel and that's the way we are trying to treat you.

Our vision is to provide the best in the market with lowest price ,which enables the access to every common man by breaking the silos and tedious hurdles of colossal payments,processes, and formalities more than that establishing a lively community who help each other to bring out the best out of you.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any queries or valuable suggestions, please feel to ping us.

‘You want it , We have it ’ , Its as simple as that.

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‘You want it , We have it ’ , Its as simple as that. Sincerely, Team Foxlab Store